Welcome to The SUNY Retirees Service Corps Website

About the SUNY Retirees Service Corps
e SUNY Retirees Service Corps (RSC) was formed in early 2008 to serve retirees from all State University of New York (SUNY) community colleges, state-operated colleges and universities, System Administration, Research Foundation, State University Construction Fund, and affiliated organizations. The RSC seeks to promote a strong retiree-campus-community connection by linking retirees to information, resources, and service opportunities that enhance their retirement.  

 Some of the services this website offers are: 

  • Resources for retirement preparation
  • Resources for adjusting to retirement
  • Links to campus-based retiree organizations
  • Listing of retiree benefits by campus
  • Personal stories of retirement

 We will be expanding the RSC website to include the following secure, password-protected services: 

  • An online directory of participating SUNY retirees
  • A chat room where retirees can interact and exchange information (events, scholarly articles, etc.)
  • A volunteer matching service for those retirees who indicate an interest in volunteerism

We invite you to explore the SUNY Retirees Service Corps website. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at retirees@suny.edu



Dr. Donald Stauffer - University at Albany, Community Caregivers, Volunteer since 1994
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