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Boilerplate Contracts

Boilerplate contracts are approved by the NYS Offices of the Attorney General and State Comptroller and may not be altered.

Any changes to a boilerplate contract, other than customized terms for your agreement, require review by University Counsel before signature by a designated University representative or, if required, submission to the Attorney General or State Comptroller.


  • Procurement 
    • Commodities
    • Services
    • Consultant Services
    • Construction Agreement
    • Consultant Agreement (For Construction Projects)
  • Revenue
    • Services
    • Revocable Permits
    • Child Care (contact Jordan Lohre in the Office of Business Operations and Procurement at System Administration).
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Exhibit A (all contracts)
    • Exhibit A-1 (all commodity & service contracts above $25,000 and all construction, renovation and rehabilitation contracts above $100,000)
    • AC 130 Terms & Conditions (all purchase orders) (Word version) (text version)

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