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Welcome to the Shared Governance Information Page

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UFS Governance Handbook     (docx)

New Senator Orientation Guide     (docx)

CGL Welcome and Orientation Guide     (docx)

SUNY Handbooks, Policy Statements, Student Codes of Conduct

This document contains individual campus URLs and links to their Faculty/Librarian Handbook, Directory of Policy Statement and Student Code of Conduct. 
Not all campuses and/or information are listed.  If you wish to contribute to this document, please contact Carol Donato.

Primer on Parliamentary Procedures     (docx)

Middle States Accreditation:  The Role of Faculty Governance in the Process     (docx)

Faculty Senate Bulletin--Issue on Shared Governance     (docx)

Poster Sharing Shared Governance-- presented at SUNY Conference on Systemness November 8, 2012


Memos and Miscellaneous Items

Can Professional Staff Serve as UFS Senator?     (docx)

Can the CGL vote? - Memorandum, September 24, 2009     (docx)

The Corporatization of Shared Governance Paper presented at the AAUP Shared Governance Conference by Mohamed Ben-Ruwin, November 2010     (docx)



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